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Willie Stroud

Photo of Willie Stroud, Delta employee and Cancer survivor

Willie Stroud

CSA, Cargo, Prostate Cancer Survivor

In 2006 I began having annual physicals because I wanted to take care of myself.  Following my 2010 screening, my physician called to say that the blood work showed elevated PSA levels.  He referred me to a specialist who explained there are many things that can cause high PSA levels besides cancer.  Just hearing the word cancer was concerning.  He offered to try some medication to see if the levels decreased, but I wanted to know if it was cancer.  The only solution was to have a biopsy.

April of 2010 we got the devastating news that I had prostate cancer.  All I could think of was my children, wife, family, and friends. I tried to come to work the day I got the news, but my PL noticed I was not feeling well and sent me home to be with my family. 

My doctor and I discussed the options available and on July 1, 2010, I had robotic surgery.  I thank God every day for my life, my precious family and for bringing such a knowledgeable doctor into my life. As you can see, my surgery was successful and I’m “Living the dream, Baby!”  July 1 is my new day of celebration.  Thank you to my wife, Sunserae, my kids, our entire family, all of my friends, and my Delta family for helping me get through it all; I love my team.  God bless you all.