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Inflammatory Breast Cancer - Improving Symptom Awareness

TheoryLab Podcast with Dr. Gayathri Devi

“In the last 2 years, my family experienced cancer first hand, and boy has that grounded me. (She was diagnosed with a rare cancer, and her mother was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) even though none of the known risk factors applied to her.) I felt this was important for me to share publicly, as I consider American Cancer Society extended family.

“So to all who are listening, I’ll say, ‘cancer—or for that matter, any ailment—is personal’. I still have moments when it hits me that despite my work in this area, numerous talks I’ve given, and access to care on rare cancer, a rare cancer went undetected in my family, and another rare cancer was barely detected on time." —Gayanthri R. Devi, PhD, ACS Grantee from Duke University School of Medicine

Hear the podcast about Dr. Devi's research.