Lynne Elmore, PhD

Director, Translational Cancer Research Program

Lynne Elmore, PhD, is the director of the Translational Cancer Research program in the Extramural Grants department of the American Cancer Society. She manages peer review committees focused on cell biology, infectious disease, molecular genetics, and cancer drug discovery.

Dr. Elmore worked in cancer research in the Department of Pathology at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) for over 18 years. Her independent research program predominantly focused on the role of epithelial-stromal interactions in cancer progression, with the hope of developing more effective targeted therapies. While on faculty at VCU, she was also a scientific member of Massey Cancer Center as well as an enthusiastic educator in the classroom, laboratory, and community.

Dr. Elmore graduated cum laude from Vanderbilt University with a bachelor’s degree in Biology and from The Medical College of Virginia, VCU with a PhD in Pathology. She was a postdoctoral fellow in The Laboratory of Human Carcinogenesis at the National Cancer Institute.