Michael Melner, PhD

Director, Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry of Cancer Program

Michael Melner, PhD is the director of the Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry of Cancer program in the Extramural Grants department at the American Cancer Society. His research interests have been primarily in reproductive endocrinology, examining signal transduction and the molecular mechanisms of transcriptional regulation.

Dr. Melner received his PhD in endocrinology from the Medical College of Georgia in 1980 and was a National Cancer Institute Postdoctoral Fellow at Vanderbilt University for three years. He was an Assistant Professor at the University of Miami School of Medicine from 1983-1987, an Associate Professor at Oregon Health Sciences University and the Oregon National Primate Center from 1987-1993 and then a Professor at Vanderbilt University from 1993-2006.

Dr. Melner served as an editor for the journal Endocrinology for five years and an associate editor for the Journal of Molecular Endocrinology for two years.