Elizabeth A. Fallon, MPH, PhD

Statistician, Behavioral Research Center

Elizabeth (Beth) Fallon, MPH, PhD joined the Behavioral Research Center in 2015 as a Statistician, supporting the Vice President and the Strategic Directors in the planning, and analysis of behavioral science across the cancer continuum. Dr. Fallon’s independent research targets weight management, physical activity, and nutrition behavior change and long-term maintenance utilizing individually-based behavior change theories, small group-based models, community-based participatory approaches, as well as built environment and policy approaches. The majority of her research emphasizes underserved groups and/or those at higher risk of chronic disease, such as aging adults, rural communities, women, low income, and minority groups.

Before joining the American Cancer Society, Dr. Fallon received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (1998), a master of science and PhD in exercise science (2002, 2004), completed her postdoctoral fellowship in physical activity and public health (2006), and obtained her Master of Public Health in epidemiology and biostatistics (2015). She brings over 10 years of experience in university settings engaging in the science and practice of lifestyle behavior change for the prevention and treatment of preventable chronic diseases.