Kerem Shuval, PhD

Director of Physical Activity & Nutrition Research, Economic & Health Policy Research Program

Kerem Shuval, PhD is the Director of Physical Activity and Nutrition Research within the Economic and Health Policy Research Programat the American Cancer Society. Kerem’s research examines ways to modify  lifestyle behaviors, primarily physical activity and diet, as they relate to cancer and chronic disease prevention, health policy and economics. His research often takes an interdisciplinary approach, drawing from the fields of behavioral economics, psychology, and public health, with the ultimate goal of better understanding decision making. That is, why some individuals make healthier choices while others engage in self-harming behaviors. Kerem’s research, has been published in medical, public health, and economic journals.
He is also adjunct faculty at Georgia State University - Andrew Young School of Policy Studies- Department of Economics. Prior to the current position, he was on faculty at the University of Texas School of Public Health for five years, with a primary appointment in the Division of Epidemiology and a secondary appointment in the Division of Management and Policy. Beforehand, he was a research scientist and assistant director of lifestyle and behavioral medicine at the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center. Contact: