Vanhvilai Lisa Douangchai, MS, CFM, GISP

Senior Scientist

Vanhvilai Lisa Douangchai, MS, is a senior scientist for Geospatial Research within the Statistics & Evaluation Center at the American Cancer Society. She supports geospatial activities across the society, consults on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology and tools as well as contributes, collaborates, and engages in research activities and publications. As a GIS Professional (GISP), she uses geospatial concepts and applications to support programs, projects, and initiatives.

She is a member of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association and the secretary of the Georgia GIS Coordinating Committee, professional organizations focused on advancing geospatial technologies, improving geospatial legislation, increasing geospatial awareness, and educating students in K-12 and higher education.

Douangchai’s undergraduate degree is in Geography with an emphasis in GIS from Georgia State University and her graduate degree is in City and Regional Planning from Georgia Institute of Technology. Her previous research focused on the disparity of the food environment (place) and health in disparate communities.

Prior to joining the American Cancer Society, Douangchai worked in the private sector on projects related to infrastructure, planning, and emergency management and preparedness.