Alex Liber, MSPH

Scientist, Economic & Health Policy Research

Alex Liber, MSPH, translates data from economics, marketing, health systems, epidemiology, geography, policy, and demographics into scholarly analyses of timely issues in health policy debates. Mr. Liber's research foci include identifying tobacco use patterns in the data-scarce environs of sub-Saharan Africa and measuring the impact of health care reform on access to care among American tobacco users.

Since 2008, Alex has been involved in research on a wide swath of vital health, business, policy, and economic issues in tobacco control. In 2010, Alex earned his BS in Biomedical Science from The Ohio State University. In 2012, he obtained his MSPH from Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health in Health Services and Health Policy Research. Mr. Liber began working for the American Cancer Society during his graduate studies, wherein he gained significant experience assembling large portions of the 4th edition of The Tobacco Atlas. Alex continued to work as a contributing author of 7 chapters in the 5th edition of The Tobacco Atlas as well as in the position of managing editor of the book to ensure strict content, data, design, and editorial standards.

To date, Alex has co-authored 7 peer-reviewed scholarly articles and has contributed to 9 chapters in books and monographs. Mr. Liber is working on a PhD at the University of Michigan.