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Emily C. Marlow, PhD, MS

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Cancer Disparity Research

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Opportunities at ACS

Working as a postdoctoral researcher at the American Cancer Society has provided me with many great resources and collaborative opportunities to pursue research on cancer disparities. Such research to identify areas of inequity, such as disproportionate modifiable risk factors and access to care, allows me contribute to the efforts of eliminating disparities along the cancer continuum.”

At ACS since 2021

As a postdoctoral research fellow, Emily C. Marlow, PhD, is part of the American Cancer Society (ACS) Surveillance & Health Equity Science Cancer Disparities research team.

As part of her postdoctoral funding, she is also involved in the ACS-Pfizer Global Medical Grants health equity collaboration that focuses on reducing disparities impacting Black men and women along the cancer care continuum. One of her responsibilities is bringing together multiple institution-community partnered projects for publication in a Cancer health equity supplement.

Research focus and accomplishments

Marlow’s research focuses on identifying the extent to which modifiable risk factors, such as obesity and exercise, contribute to cancer mortality and incidence in the United States overall and by race/ethnicity. She’s especially interested in using nationally representative data from prospective studies and mortality databases to study the link between risk factors and death from cancer.

Her recent work on socioeconomic disparities in mortality before and during COVID-19 in the US was selected for an oral presentation at the American Public Health Association conference in November 2022.


For a full list of Dr. Marlow’s publications, visit her Google Scholar page.


  • PhD: Epidemiology, University of California Davis, 2020
  • MS: Biostatistics, University of California Davis, 2015
  • BS: Applied Statistics, University of California Santa Barbara, 2012

Personal life 

I live on the Central Coast of California with family and enjoy various outdoor activities such as camping and hiking.