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Cancer Types

Rare Cancers, Cancer Subtypes, and Pre-Cancers

If you're having trouble finding information about a type of cancer, it may be a rare cancer or have more than one name. It might also be a condition known as a pre-cancer, which is something that might lead to or turn into cancer later. The links below might help you find the information you need.

What is a rare cancer?

Rare cancers are not as common as other cancers. Because fewer people have had them, less is known about them, and information might be harder to find.

Why is it hard to find information on rare cancers?

Some cancers are so rare that only a small number of people are diagnosed with them each year. What is known about each type of cancer is usually learned from clinical trials and doctor's experiences treating people with that cancer type. Because not many people have these rare cancers, they may not have been studied in clinical trials, and some doctors might not have taken care of anyone with them. Much of the information about these cancers comes from case studies, where doctors share the experience of one patient so that others can learn about it.

Where to find treatment for a rare cancer

If you or someone you know has a rare cancer, you may need to travel to find a doctor or cancer center that has experience treating that cancer. ​Larger cancer centers or hospitals are also more likely to have clinical trials (research studies) you might be able to take part in. ACS has information that can help you choose a cancer center or hospital or choose a cancer doctor.

List of rare cancers, cancer subtypes, and pre-cancers

The list below includes cancerous and pre-cancerous conditions (as well as some other conditions that might be related to cancer) and where to find more information about them.

To find more information about rare cancers, cancer subtypes, and pre-cancers

This list does not include all types of rare cancers, cancer subtypes, and pre-cancers. If you can't find the type of cancer you’re looking for here or would like more information, the National Institutes of Health Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center website has information about rare cancers, pre-cancers, and cancer subtypes, as well as conditions that might raise a person's risk for cancer.

You can also find more detailed information about some rare cancers on the National Cancer Institute website.